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Keston Medical Practice

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Access to your Medical Records


The practice complies with Data Protection and Access to Medical Records legislation.

The Access to Health Records Act 1990 gave the individuals the right to access, subject to certain exceptions, to health information recorded about themselves, and, in certain circumstances, about others, within manual records. The Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 came into force in March 2000 and repealed most of the 1990 Access to Health Records Act. All applications for access to records, whether paper based or electronic, of living persons are now made under the DPA 1998. For deceased persons, applications are made under sections of the 1990 Access to Health Records Act which have been retained. These sections provide the right of access to the health records of deceased individuals for their personal representative and others having a claim under the estate of the deceased.

Under section seven of the DPA, patients have the right to apply for access to their health records. Provided that the fee has been paid and a written application is made by one of the individuals referred to below, the Practice is obliged to comply with a request for access subject to certain exceptions. However, the Practice also has a duty to maintain the confidentiality of patient information and to satisfy itself that the applicant is entitled to have access before releasing information.

For patients currently undergoing care or whose records were updated within the last 40 days, a response within 21 days from receipt of the written request is required. In respect of patients whose care is completed and whose records have not been updated in the last 40 days, 40 days is allowed from receipt of the written request.

To provide copies of electronic patient health records a maximum charge of £10 can be requested to cover photocopying. For manual records or a mixture of electronic and manual there can be a maximum charge of £50. No fee can be charged for allowing a patient to directly inspect their record where no copy is requested. The Practice is not required to provide all the information requested if this would involve disproportionate effort and can refuse to provide copies if no fee is paid.

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