Coronavirus: Contact-tracing head quizzed over test accuracy

The health select committee heard evidence suggesting 20% of negative results could be false.

Coronavirus: Ibuprofen tested as a treatment

Hospital patients sick with the virus will be given the drug to see if it can help with their breathing.

Coronavirus: Risk of death is higher for ethnic minorities

Being black or from an ethnic minority is a "major risk factor" in coronavirus, Matt Hancock says.

Coronavirus: Government criticised over use of testing data

The head of the UK's statistics watchdog writes to Matt Hancock, saying data is "far from complete".

Women urged not to ignore chest pain during coronavirus pandemic

Melanie Connell, who underwent a triple bypass, urges women not to be afraid of seeking medical help.

Coronavirus: Deaths at lowest level since March

Over 2,800 deaths linked to virus in most recent week, but total fatalities still higher than normal.

ECT depression therapy should be suspended, study suggests

Health advisory body NICE recommends the use of ECT for some cases of moderate or severe depression.

Coronavirus: Why we don't know how many are being tested

The UK Statistics Authority has criticised the government's handling of Covid-19 testing data.

Coronavirus: How dangerous is lifting lockdown?

Why is lifting restrictions being described as a "dangerous moment"?

Coronavirus: 'More than two million' waiting for cancer care in UK

More than 23,000 cancers could have gone undiagnosed during lockdown, Cancer Research UK says.