Coronavirus: Hunt for source of UK-infected case

Officials are trying to find out how a man in Surrey caught Covid-19 and tracing those who he met.

Coronavirus: Drive through testing begins at Edinburgh hospital

The chief medical officer warns it is "just a matter of time" before someone tests positive.

Fish oil supplements offer 'little or no benefit' against cancer

Research suggests omega-3 supplements may not be as beneficial as previously suggested.

Huntington's disease: Woman with gene fails in bid to sue NHS

A woman claimed the NHS had a duty of care to tell her about her father's fatal, inherited brain condition.

Cardigan hospital plans: 'Irreplaceable' history may be lost

There are fears the hospital built for World War One soldiers could be demolished for offices.

Learning difficulties 'link to brain connections'

After scanning 479 children's brains, researchers found they were organised in multiple "hubs".

E. coli gut infection linked to bowel cancer

Around a fifth of people may be carrying the bacterium linked to some cancer cases, say researchers.

Coronavirus screening trial planned by University of Leicester

It is hoped adapted face masks can identify patients with the illness before they show any symptoms.

Thousands of depression cases 'linked to universal credit'

The number of unemployed people with psychological distress rose 6.6% between 2013 and 2018, a study suggests.

Heather Planner died after being given other patient's medicine

Carers gave the woman someone else's medication four times a day for two days, inquest hears.