Lives 'destroyed by NHS eating disorder failures'

As more than a million people struggle with illnesses such as anorexia, two reports say more must be done.

Listeria outbreak: More affected hospitals named

Eight hospitals have reported cases of listeria linked to sandwiches and salads eaten by patients.

Hyponatraemia whistleblower and health service 'failed'

An inquiry came to the wrong conclusions over a whistleblower's hyponatraemia concerns, investigation finds.

Lyme disease has 'dominated' my life

Morven-May MacCallum speaks out as GPs are urged to be vigilant about the infection spread by ticks.

The 'brutal reality' for alcohol-damaged children

A new support service is launched to help families with children who were exposed to alcohol in the womb.

Theresa May calls for mental health to be priority

Tackling mental health problems needs 'urgent attention', says the prime minister.

Divorce likely to put weight on children, study finds

Study compared the weights of children whose parents had broken up with those whose parents had not.

End-of-life care not 'culturally competent'

A study hopes to boost the small number of black and Asian people using end-of-life care services.

Deadly Ebola outbreak 'not global threat'

But World Health Organization says it is an emergency in the Democratic Republic of Congo and needs more funding.

The gay men breaking blood donation rules

The men believe who they have sex with should not prevent them from giving blood.